Calling all Men who are tired of getting their butts kicked, at home, at work, in prayer. Calling all Men who know deep down inside they are warriors who have been caged, and are looking to break free. Calling all men who are looking for the challenge of a lifetime. Calling all Men who look at the stories of David, Samson, Peter, Paul, Jesus, and wonder where are their mountains, giants, Philistines to slay. Look no further. At the Men’s ministry in the Fellowship of Jesus Christ, we are going to teach you the skills you need, give you the armor to wear, and send you out to fight the enemy who is trying his best to destroy our families, communities, and our country. If you are not scared, come join with us in this Fellowship of Faith, and let’s get back to the role of protector and defender of what God has given us so that we may be what God called each of us to be.

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